The first electric car KIA Soul EV

December 27, 2014 at 23:45

The car will be available in two trim levels. Price starts from $ 34 500 in United States.
In late October, Kia has presented its first production electric car. It is based on the model Soul. The electric version will prefix EV (Electric Vehicle – electric).
Soul EV is prepared by California division Kia. Accordingly, sales will begin from the US market. In the US electric car will cost $ 34,500 for the base model and $ 36,500 for the complete set Plus.
The standard Kia included:
– Rear view camera;
– Ability to connect via Bluetooth;
– Power windows;
– Cruise control;
– Climate control system;

KIA Soul EV pics

KIA Soul EV image

– Navigation systems;
– Five-year support system that allows control via smartphone battery level.
In picking Plus added to the above:
– Leather interior;
– Automatically folding mirrors;
– Heating and Cooling all seats;
– Fog lights.

KIA Soul EV pics

KIA Soul EV picture

Compared with other electric vehicles Soul EV there are a few prices. For example, Nissan Leaf is $ 29,860, and the Fiat 500e – $ 32,650.
However, the Korean version is cheaper than the Ford Focus Electric, which costs $ 35,995, or Golf VW, whose price – $ 36,265.

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