Test drive of the new Kia Sportage FL Part I

January 16, 2015 at 19:44

Kia Sportage FL retained its basic qualities, but became brighter, modern and technological. The first change that catches your eye – it’s like a dotted darts for corporate “tiger nose” grille. The remaining differences are not so obvious, but we found them.
The car got a new sound system with 4.2-inch touch screen, steering wheel and got the system changes the stiffness Kia FlexSteer and heated. The machine has installed a new instrument panel Supervision, there are also LED running lights, heated seats for both series, cruise control, separate climate control, heated wiper zone of peace, light sensor, Antidazzle salon mirror, active front head restraints and even some of the equipment. The driving experience is adjusted stabilization system ESP, hill start and descent from the mountain.

Kia Sportage FL pics

Kia Sportage FL image

However, this equipment just makes it easier to assess the behavior and reactions of the majority Kia Sportage, sold in the other three equipment levels. I must say, the inability to choose the level of rigidity of bagels – sport, normal and comfort – I was totally upset. Here on the steering wheel, though artificial, but created a moderate effort and comfortable.

Kia Sportage FL pics

Kia Sportage FL picture

Sometimes in the corners is not enough information content, especially on slippery roads, but to operate the machine is easy and pleasant.

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