Test drive of the new Kia Sportage FL Part II

January 18, 2015 at 19:42

Of the three engines, we have chosen the most powerful (184 hp) and a high-torque (390 Nm) of 2-liter turbo diesel Sportage. This is also the most dynamic of all. And no matter stands 6-step “mechanics” or “automatic”, acceleration to hundreds takes 9.8 seconds.
Smooth pull gently accelerates the car. ACP switches intelligently. And the desire to move to manual control box does not appear even downhill – the car keeps a lower level and the it does not accelerate.
With this engine Kia Sportage is offered exclusively in the version with automatic four-wheel drive. In a regular situation on the front wheel is straight Sportage. But depending on the path of movement of the coating and the torque distribution can be changed to 50:50.

Kia Sportage FL pics

Kia Sportage FL image

But off-road capabilities of the car are improved by electro-lock multi-disc clutch (holding mode at speeds below 40 km / h) and an automatic descent from the mountain. Ground clearance by the standards Sportage SUV is not impressive – 172 mm, but a powerful iron sewn under the engine compartment cool rescues, protecting the suspension elements and the crankcase on the roads.

Kia Sportage FL pics

Kia Sportage FL picture

Even if you do not storm the deep snow or sand, ravines and hillsides, four-wheel drive is an excellent tool when starting and acceleration on slippery roads and uphill at the exit of the morning swept the yard and in the corners. After Kia Sportage – it is primarily urban crossover, and it is important parameters such as the stylish and colorful design, comfortable interior and comfort.

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