Price of the New Kia pro_cee’d Announced

March 10, 2013 at 12:03

New car Kia pro_cee’d, which was introduced last year, in September, in the showrooms, is now available for pre-order in several countries in Europe. We have been introduced to the new updated charged version of the Kia pro-cee’d, that we have long forgotten about the serial model, but it has successfully reminded us about itself!

2013 Kia pro_cee'd

2013 Kia pro_cee’d Photo

Among the first customers who know the price of a new car Kia pro_cee’d, as well as among those who had the opportunity to order the first new car, were residents of the UK. The car will be available in two different models. In the UK, Kia pro_cee’d will cost 17,495 pounds. This price includes road mirrors, 17-inch alloy wheels, cruise control, power accessories, and more.

2013 Kia pro_cee'd

2013 Kia pro_cee’d Pic

The base modification of the Kia pro_cee’d in Europe will be available for 19,800 Euros. For an additional price the further options and modifications are available. For now, it is only the pre-sale season, though the full-time sales will be available in Europe from June of this year.

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