Practical Korean: Kia Rio test drive

January 28, 2015 at 15:14

The car is equipped with one of two petrol engines of 1.4 liters or volume or 1.6 liters.
The first provides 107 horsepower, the second – 123 hp. Transmissions to choose: a five-speed automatic or four mechanics.
At Kia Rio under the boot lid – 500 liters of volume, it is 35 liters more than the very similar in the Hyundai Accent Rio. These cars are built on the same platform.
Interior Kia Rio does not disappoint. You can sit comfortably; devices are read perfectly, in the center console everything is made for all elementary understanding and even the music sounds quite good.
A basic set of regulations allows the driver to quickly find a suitable landing. In addition, we note the comparative interior space – even for rear passengers.

Kia Rio pics

Kia Rio image

Of the minuses can be noted a fairly rigid suspension and uncertain handling of the machine at high speed. The higher it is, the worse the car holds the road. It prowls and requires constant driving, what keeps the driver in suspense. In addition, the automatic transmission is poor.

Kia Rio pics

Kia Rio picture

In the Kia Rio, may lack some specific elements and moments, but in this case it is not a reason to abandon this practical car. Kia Rio not only looks good, but also in performance is not inferior

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