New serial 1 liter engine for Kia cee’d

April 5, 2015 at 16:46

Company Kia for the first time at the Geneva Motor show new serial petrol engine T-GDI Kappa family with turbocharging and direct fuel injection, ready for installation on the model line Kia, according to a press release of our sources.

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The main objectives of Kia engineers to create a new engine were to ensure maximum response and drivability, high efficiency of the combustion process and the achievement of maximum torque at the lowest possible speed. Engine Kia T-GDI family Kappa 1 liter develops 120 horse powers and a torque of 172 Nm in a broad range from 1500 to 4100 rev. / min. (Maximum power is achieved at 6000 rev. / Min.). It is designed to provide a CO2 emission level of less than 1.6 liters aspirated engine which is installed, for example, line patterns Kia cee’d.

Kia cee'd pics

Kia cee’d image

The new engine was innovative nozzles with six individual holes made by laser. New nozzles capable of providing fuel injection pressure of 200 bar using a high-pressure pump. Turbocharging T-GDI engine is mated to an electric motor driving the bypass valve, which improves the performance of the boost thanks to the effective air purification.

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