New Kia Sorento has successfully passed the crash test IIHS

March 17, 2015 at 20:46

Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) reviewed the safety of crossover Kia Sorento in a series of crash tests.
Korean Kia Sorento crossover in one year become safer, according to experts Institute IIHSV. During the most difficult American crash test with frontal hitting small overlapping body preserved interior living space. In a collision resistant at the threshold shifted by 10 cm, and the dummy moved as permitted limits and met with airbags as it provides designers. Score test – “good”.

Kia Sorento picture

Kia Sorento pics

In tests with an average overlap, the side impact, roof protection assessment and work belts and airbags car with dignity endured all hardships and highly final assessment.
Last year, the IIHS are broke “Sorento” and then the model has shown himself not with the best hand – in frontal impact on small overlap considerably deformed body structure, while in the area of driver’s legs steady progress in the salon at 28 inches and side airbags did not work .

Kia Sorento pics

Kia Sorento image

Crash test with a small overlap (25% from the driver’s side) involves hitting the car about a fixed barrier height of 1.5 meters at a speed of 40 miles / hour (64 km / h).

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