Kia without a Roof – Convertible based on Cee’d

December 30, 2012 at 09:21

The company Kia, which in recent years has been developing quite rapidly and we must admit very successfully, is going to expand into new market niches. According to the French automotive publication, in 2014, Kia will begin selling its new convertible model versions. The new model will be built on the platform of the current Cee’d, which will receive a two-door body and a soft developing roof. The latter would not be as practical as steel one, but the rag top will reduce the weight of the car and make it more affordable (the last factor is very important for Kia brand, no matter whether you like it or not).

2014 Kia Ceed Convertible

2014 Kia Ceed Convertible Photo

From a technical point of view, convertible will be not at all different from the five-door hatchback of the new generation, which is already being sold in the worldwide market. While it is possible that the convertible will get a 1.6-liter supercharged, which produces 200 horsepower – This unit we’ve seen in the Paris Motor Show under the hood of a three-door pro_cee’d model from Kia.

2014 Kia pro_cee'd

2014 Kia pro_cee’d Pic

The main market of Korean Convertible will surely be the USA. However, this model will be also available in Europe. The price of the novelty is not yet projected, the same is for more concerete details and the official date of the new convertible release.

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