KIA Optima at the New York International Motor Show

May 8, 2015 at 12:18

Five years ago, at the International Motor Show in New York, the company KIA Motors unveiled the current generation of KIA Optima. This car was able to largely change the rules of the game in a different segment of the hyper-competitive business-class sedans and become a real catalyst for all design updates style KIA.
The story goes to a new level, and now New York re-elected place the world premiere of the next generation model. The new car embodies all the progress made over the years the brand KIA through continuous improvement and the highest attention to every, even the smallest details.

KIA Optima 2015 picture

KIA Optima 2015 pics

Created under the watchful eye of the president and chief designer Peter Schreyer KIA, the new Optima not only combines the most modern and uniquely recognizable “family traits” of the brand, but also keeps its own dynamic and sporty image of the model.

KIA Optima 2015 pics

KIA Optima 2015 image

Becoming more luxurious, the interior of the new generation of KIA Optima differs by impressive level of detail and high quality materials. Thanks to a longer wheelbase and wide track, the model became more spacious interior in all directions.

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