J.D. Power and Associates recognized Kia better than Jaguar

June 24, 2015 at 11:42

The American company J.D. Power and Associates has rated automakers with the highest quality vehicles. According to the survey, the South Korean brand Kia finished second, ahead of company Jaguar. Last year, they were in seventh and second place respectively.

Kia Soul picture

Kia Soul pics

The rating is based on a survey of more than 84 thousand American owners of new cars. Respondents were asked to answer the question of the 233 fault that they found in their cars after 90 days of possession. On the basis of these responses it has compiled a list showing the average number of breakdowns and defects attributable to the sold one hundred representatives of a particular make and model.

Kia Soul pics

Kia Soul image

For the third year in succession a list of companies with the highest quality cars, Porsche topped with an average of 80 faults per hundred vehicles. Next located Kia and Jaguar (86 and 93 faults respectively). Fourth place went to another South Korean brand – Hyundai (95 faults), and took the fifth position the company Infiniti (97 faults).
At the bottom of rankings were brand Chrysler, smart and a Fiat 143 index, 154 and 161 of the defect, respectively. The average number of faults among all companies amounted to 112 – two faults less than a year earlier.

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