Is Kia Sorento Fit for Europe?

December 18, 2012 at 09:35

Europeans look at the new Kia Sorrento with undisguised surprise, because even in a fairly affluent area of the Costa Dorada near Barcelona such cars is a rarity. “What for? – the Spanish people are asking looking out of their used Meganne and Ibiza. – What for one would need a car that hardly fits in the road line and costs freaking lots of money? “Huge” Kia really looks like a stranger here, but at the same time it is not addressed for Europe. Orientation of the car is majorly U.S.! One can notice this by the unusual shape of the brake and nor a small-diameter steering wheel, but the company assured that this crossover is able to please everyone. Let’s look if this is so.

2013 Kia Sorrento

2013 Kia Sorrento Photo

Representatives of the company are still sure that Europe can like this big and unusual car. Kia Sorento was built on a completely new platform with a modified superstructure and floor structure (as a result of which the rigidity of the body has increased by 18%). Charms has undergone significant changes, the adaptive shock absorbers and new silent blocks were set. The engineers has also worked on sound insulation tunnel for the body and engine.

2013 Kia Sorrento

2013 Kia Sorrento Pic

That sounds good. However, the size of the car exactly repeats predecessor and external changes are rather draw on a deep restyling. Front got a new bumper, new grille and optics, on the back side the trunk lid was modified, as well as the bumpers and lights. However, more is needed: the crossover needs to look younger and more innovative, then it will have a chance among Europeans.

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