Kia Soul vs Skoda Yeti

December 8, 2012 at 09:22

Significant differences between these cars are already visible in their exterior appearance, although they both stand in a line of bright design solutions. The cost of the cars is virtually the same – a little over 25 thousand US dollars. But if this money can buy Kia Soul in the richest set, then that amount when purchasing Skoda Yeti would be enough for only starting equipment. So, our Kia Soul in complete top with a gasoline engine, and “automatic” is worth 25,820 USD.

2013 Kia Soul

2013 Kia Soul Photo

The minimum price of Skoda Yeti in the same version of Active-type power unit (gasoline engine and “automatic”) will be equal to 26,987 USD. Of course, the level of equipment of Soul will provide more comfort. Proposed a two-stage heated seats, climate control, sunroof, leather seats, multimedia devices, “hands-free” on the Bluetooth, LED fluorescent lights and tail lights, keyless access and starting motor button. For Yeti the automaker cannot offer a considerable amount of what was mentioned above. Though selecting options from Skoda is huge: it is has everything that was listed with Kia Soul, and more, though, for extra charge.

2013 Skoda Yeti

2013 Skoda Yeti Image

But in the end, even if we look at these two models, we can see that new Kia Soul is more of a city car, prepared for much more than Skoda, or any other model of the average price of $25,000.

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