New Kia Sedona – carts transporter

December 31, 2014 at 23:35

The company has prepared a special version of the Kia minivan Sedona, designed for the transportation of carts. The car had been presented at the tuning show SEMA, which was held in early November in Las Vegas.
From the production model Sedona different bright color of the body, stylish 20-inch alloy wheels, as well as installed on the roof of the platform for the transportation card model CRG Bambino.
Another car racing – CRG Road Rebel – can sleep in the trailer with 18-inch alloy wheels. In addition, the machine is installed on the roof folding awning. Salon minivan is a mobile workshop equipped with everything needed for maintenance and repair of the map.

Kia Sedona  SEMA 2014 pics

Kia Sedona SEMA 2014 picture

Recall that the Kia Sedona minivan new generation presented in April at the New York International Auto Show. Model built on a new platform, has at its disposal a 3.3-liter petrol V6 power 276 horsepower and 6-band “automatic”.

Kia Sedona SEMA 2014 pics

Kia Sedona SEMA 2014 image

Recall there was one more version of van converted into a mini-bar. Modification of the car was named Ballast Point. The name was not chosen by chance. Ballast Point – American Beer Company based in San Diego. It became a developer of beer automotive applications.